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Kill La Kill

So this one I was a bit skeptical about. I liked the name but then I saw the picture and description:



“Ryūko Matoi is a girl who travels with a single red scissor blade, searching for the wielder of the other blade who killed her father. She arrives at Honnōji Academy (本能字学園 Honnōji Gakuen?), a high school that lives in fear. It is ruled over by the fearsome student council, led by the student council president, Satsuki Kiryūin, who use powerful uniforms known as Goku Uniforms (極制服 Goku Seifuku?)to crush anyone in their path. After suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of Satsuki, Ryūko comes across a living school uniform named Senketsu, who puts himself on Ryūko, granting her special abilities. Teaming up with Senketsu, Ryūko stands up against Satsuki and the student council to liberate Honnōji Academy from their iron grip and find out the truth behind her father’s murder.” (c/o Wiki)



Hmm… Magical uniforms? Right…not really my kind of thing. Find out the truth behind a murder…sounds interesting. As with each new anime release, I gave it a go…about 3 minutes of it. Seriously that was a painful 3 minutes.



What on earth is going on. The art sucks, The story sucks. The characters are annoying. How did it even get the opportunity to be aired. I honestly have no idea.





OK, maybe if you’re into that kind of thing it might be good but for me? No, Just no.




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