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What is it with these new releases. So far, none have struck me as “Oh my goodness I have to watch this!”



Coppelion is about 3 (genetically engineered) schoolgirls who go to Tokyo where humanity has wiped out. No ordinary people can enter without protective gear but animals live there. The whole time I was watching it just waited for something to happen. A deserted city with massive levels of radiation. Sounds like mutants would be walking about, right? As soon as I saw the dog following them I just knew what was going to end up happening (my thoughts were right btw) so it was a bit predictable.  Fair enough it did give me the creeps so it worked well that way but I just don’t like the art. It just doesn’t look complete. I don’t know, maybe I’m just fussy. If I get that bored I might watch it but it might end up feeling more like a chore tbh.



It really does look like this
It really does look like this

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