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Relaxing and Assignments



Yesterday I had to get up early for a work meeting after babysitting the night before so I was wrecked. I had my assignments to finish off for Tuesday and Wednesdays class but I didn’t have a clue how to do them. What better a time that this to have a relaxing day. I decided to sit at my computer paint my nails, watch anime (I’ve such a mountain of it to catch up on) and make more bows/bracelets. Oh and nap.


2013-10-14 20.44.53 2013-10-14 20.45.55


Today I knew I couldn’t put off my work any longer so I ended up sitting all day doing my assignments. I spent about 2 hours on one question that I just didn’t understand. I looked through my book. Nothing useful in it and went through so many websites until I finally found one that I could use to help me. I actually didn’t mind doing Wednesdays assignment because it was on theorists. Normally, you’d think theorists are boring but I actually love doing it. I did it for psychology and the same theorists I learnt about were part of this assignment so I just wrote pretty much what I remembered from my psychology class. Let’s hope my teacher doesn’t mind marking long assignments,,,,


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