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Go To Sleep




Lately, I’ve been spending more time with Anton and Callum again. Yay =]



Soon I’ll be taking care of them for a few nights so I’m glad I get to spend more time with them now and put them to bed. Hopefully it makes it easier for them to go to sleep when I’m taking care of them. Lat week I brought over some play-dough for them to share as well as some things to do sticking and gluing. I arrived while Anton was at school so it was purely Callum’s time to play. We ran around the house for a while and twirled around. He saw the play-dough and came over to see if he could have it. Poor wee guy looked like he would cry when I told him it was for Anton (missed out the sharing bit there). We collected Anton who talked away when he got out of school. He gets a Kinder egg after school so it was “Kinder egg, Kinder egg!” when we saw him.



Back at home, they played with the play dough (Callum only got one colour and a few shapes) then moved on to sticking and gluing. Callum had gotten down but as soon as he saw Anton and I playing with it he waddled over. “Bup!” he said while trying to climb onto my seat. I sat him on my knee so he could join. He was pretty happy just pushing the glue around. Anton sat for a wee while making “lots of things” and let me make something too. Cleaning that up was….interesting.



The next day, I went back over to babysit. I arrived to see both boys smiling and they started making so much noise straight away. My sister had them sitting quietly with her the whole day, just relaxing. I got them both to sit with me on the couch after a few attempts and played a game with Anton. Callum got jealous and leaned right over for attention. He brought me a book too. Trying to do 2 things at once is pretty hard. All you mums out there, you are superheros if you can read a book to one child while playing a game with the other. I took them for a drive to pick up another sister from work (who bought me flowers) and we went to the Chinese. As soon as Callum saw the prawn crackers his face lit up and he started squiggling about in his seat with delight and pointing in hopes of getting some. Anton had gone into the Chinese with my sister so he got a lollipop. “Can I eat it now? Open open!” “No, we have to eat our Chinese first.”



After the Chinese, I got Callum ready and put him to bed. “Ready for bed?” “Mhm!” and he went to give Anton a kiss. How cute. I asked Anton to play with Naomi until I put Callum to bed then I would come and play. What did he say? “I just want to play with Naomi.” …OK then. Anton and Naomi ran around ‘shooting webs’ at each other while I did the dishes. I came in after finishing to calm him down. It was already past his bed time but he was a complete live wire. How was I going to get him to go to bed?!



“OK, no more. It’s time to calm down now because it’s bed time soon.” We sat all cuddled up watching Spider Man for a while. He decided “Naomi let’s colour in!” and jumped up to colour. He jumped up to run about. No signs of calming down. “Anton, listen. I have a game to play.” I said. “Oh, what is it?” we sat naming fruits. As soon as Spider Man was over I decided it was bed time. Thankfully he listened and went to the toilet, came in to say goodnight to Naomi and up we went. I tucked him in and put on Fireman Sam. I came down and only five minutes later what could I hear? Yup. He was up and about playing. Oh well, that’s fine because he usually does that. However, a few minutes later there was “Nattie! A poo. Poo. POOO!” Thinking it was an accident I went up the stairs. There he was in the bathroom smiling. “I did a poo. See? Look at it. It’s a big one see?” “Yes very good.” “My bums still dirty though. See?” and he bent right over to show me. “Do I need to clean more?” “One more” “Ok!” I had to try so hard not to laugh at how he was getting on. After washing and drying his hands I put him back in bed and went downstairs.


After that I ended up having to put him back in bed again because I had gone upstairs to use the bathroom and he decided to come running to tell me to “be quiet Callum is sleeping.” and then decided to hang upside down in his bed. “Anton, go to sleep.” “Im upside down” and did a goofy wee laugh. “Not funny, go to sleep. “I think it is funny.” “Goodnight Anton. Go to sleep.” Downstairs Naomi and I sat talking for a while, then we heard something. “Nomi…No-mi No-mi” in a wee sing-song voice at the top of the stairs. She went out to say go to sleep ended up talking away to him. He sat telling her all about his Ben10 watch and “this is how it lights up, see?” and this is my plastic toys and my turtle blanket and just anything he could really. I ended up going to the hall. “Anton, go to bed.” “Oh but I’m just showing my Ben10 watch” and started his whole talk again. “Yes, that’s your Ben10 watch. Go to bed.” Nope. I ended up going back up to him and sat at the top of the stairs beside him. “Ok, go back to bed. It is bed time. Come on.” “But these are my plastic toys.” and “but..but” was all I got. Naomi came up and guess what? He went to bed. We tucked him in and I sat on the ground beside the bed. “Do you want me to do the magic on your nose?” “My mummy does it better” “She does, doesn’t she but that’s because she’s your mummy so she’ll always do it better.” “Yes.” Within a few seconds of stroking his nose he was asleep.


Just as I got downstairs Callum started to cry. Thankfully he just wanted his dummy so I picked it up and gave him it and he was asleep again in seconds. Thinking back on it, it was as if we were doing good cop bad cop…with me as the bad cop. Anton plays up every time it’s me putting him to bed. I told his mummy and she laughed and told me about things she has caught him doing. Once, he climbed into Callum’s cot and was leaning right over his face to wake him (obviously made Callum cry. Imagine waking up and seeing a face looking right at you) Another time she found him lying underneath Callum’s cot with his feet on it to wake him which again, terrified Callum. His response when he was found? “I just wanted to play hide and seek with Callum.” Ah that child is a funny wee guy. Let’ hope he stops all of that soon though so that Callum can get full nights of sleep…and same for me when I’m staying for a few nights.


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