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Long Weekend



I got back last night from babysitting for 4 days. Good job I’m off work today because I didn’t get up until 10:50. 


Anyway, I thought Callum would be the one missing his mummy since he’s so young and has never stayed with me for that long before. Nope. He didn’t have a care in the world. Anton on the other hand was asking when his mummy would be home. Poor wee guy. 


Overall, they were good and we had lots of fun but they had a couple of fights and were in and out of the naughty corner on Saturday and Sunday. I won’t make this post massively long so he’s what we did:



  1. Brought Anton to school. 
  2. Chilled with Callum
  3. Had a treasure hunt
  4. Built a fort



  1. Up early and had a ‘picnic’ in the living room (breakfast)
  2. Ran around the house
  3. Got ready and went out with Naomi to Rushmere (after a lot of fighting and Callum going in the naughty corner)
  4. Went to town to see what was going on in the Meadows – Looked away for one second to see where Naomi had gone and what did I see when I looked back? Anton was sitting getting his face painted…in a new white t-shirt. Got a balloon and a bun
  5. Had Chinese and watched a movie in our fort



  1. No extra hour lie in for me. Kids were up and full of beans before 7AM
  2. Breakfast 
  3. A spider hunt (treasure hunt only with spiders) Both boys understood and had their own wee buckets for the game.
  4. Relaxed and then bathed
  5. Watched DVDs
  6. Went to buy another DVD (there was only so much Scooby Doo I could stand to watch) and chocolate
  7. Kids rolled the pumpkins around the floor while I made dinner
  8. Made chocolate apples after dinner
  9. Drew on pumpkins after Callum went to bed
  10. Watched another movie.



 2013-10-25 14.31.28 2013-10-25 14.31.15 treasure 2013-10-25 14.47.12 treasure in the fort 2013-10-25 20.10.172013-10-27 17.44.242013-10-27 22.57.31 2013-10-27 16.55.18 pumpkin



I’ve learnt a few things over the weekend. One – Do NOT bring 2 young children shopping and let them both walk. Callum ran off and I had to chase him up the aisle with him laughing. Taking 2 kids out by myself is stressful. Two – mums need so much patience. I understand why my sister shouts when they’re being bad. Three – waking up to kids is cute because every day is more active. Oh and four – vanish is amazing on stains. That t-shirt is good as new.


I had a great weekend and honestly? I wouldn’t mind doing it again. It was fun and we had a lot of laughs. Each morning we danced and sang. Another nice point was Chris showing up on Friday with flowers for me and sweets for the kids to share (which they actually did.) Callum was a little afraid at first and just stood in the doorway but then he saw sweets and after Chris offered him one..well he was a happy chappy. He didn’t even cry when Chris lifted him. Something I didn’t realise was how sneaky the kids can be. Anton had unstrapped himself when I went to double-check I had locked the house door and he had pressed the button to turn off the child lock. Only halfway up the road did I realise because Callum opened his door laughing. Also, one of them (I’ve no idea which one) had undone the buckle that was keeping Callums car seat secure. “Hahaha Nattie. Cawums tipping his car seat.” Sure enough, Callum was tipping it as far forward as he could, laughing his head off with a crazy look on his face. Wee monsters. I’ll be keeping an eye the next time.


K that’s all for now. I’ll blog again soon.


Byebye (^.^)/




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