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I had completely forgotten about blogging this week. How was your Halloween? We went to a friends party a couple of days ago. I wanted to be a pirate so I borrowed Anton’s sword and I even drew a big thing on my arm as if it was a tattoo. Only thing is, it rubbed off so easily so by the time I took my cardigan off it was pretty much gone. The party was good. Good food, games and a wee girl was there that i got to talk away to. Last time I saw her she was only 2 and shy. She talked away to me and we sat in the sun room (with people I don’t know) when she said “Do you know any of these people?” and “This is the old people room.” I had to try not to laugh.



Anyway, here’s my pirate. Excuse the awful drawing. ^.^’


2013-10-31 23.20.57 2013-11-01 18.14.362013-10-31 23.22.31




K that’s it for now.



Byebye (^.^)/


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