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Should I Change It…



the last couple of weeks I’ve really been considering putting a bright colour back in my hair. The only things stopping me are the facts that my work won’t allow it and my placement wouldn’t be too happy if I strolled in with hair like that for all the children to see. I was actually so tempted to get my sister to dip dye it for me for Halloween to put a bright colour in to go along with my ‘pirate’ because at least if I didn’t like it I could just cut it out.  I told Chris about it and he just looked at me and said “You’re 21, not 17.”



It’s hard to think of a colour to put with brown hair and I’ve already had so many colours in the past (pink, green, blue, purple) but I was thinking red or a light ginger colour… if I did dye it. I do quite like these too:



bright_hair_color 131026670379420396_hCPeKWn0_c



I can’t see me suiting either of those though…or having the courage to actually dye my full head. My poor hair would be ruined. I’ll have to think about it some more….


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