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Tattoo Maybe?



Ever since drawing  on my arm at Halloween, I’ve thought about getting a tattoo in the same place. A big cross that I can fill with different things like skulls, flowers…. y’know, whatever takes my fancy. I’ve looked through some photos on Google but I can’t find any good ones. For me, it’s either big tattoo or no tattoo. I’d have it all coloured in too.



I think I’ve always had a bit of a wild streak…imagine if I had gotten all the tattoos I wanted when I was a teenager. I’d have at least 7 by now and dear only knows how many piercings. I’d wanted my tongue, lip, belly button, ears ( a few times) nose… Good thing I settled for just my ears and nose.



I told Chris about how I wanted a tattoo. I knew he wouldn’t be happy about it because he’s old fashioned and doesn’t really like tattoos, piercings and hair dye (I know, we’re total opposites in that way) but what did he say? “If you get a tattoo I’m going bald.” Let’s just say, I won’t be getting a tattoo any time soon then. Him going bald is a big no for me. I don’t like short hair on guys. Never have really. If he ever does get his hair off then…off to the tattoo place for me. Well, if I would still want one by then. Tattoos are pretty expensive though and tbh, I’m not sure if I could sit through the pain ^.^’



Awk well, I’ve loads of time to think about it.


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