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Happy Birthday Anton!



Anton is 4 today! My wee baby is all grown up ;.; I should really stop calling him my baby.


He had a party with his school friends on Saturday in Scallywags in Lurgan. I’d never been so I was a bit excited. My sister and I arrived to see crowds of children running about. It was busier than we thought it would be. Luckily, we spotted people we knew to make our way over. It didn’t take long for me to join in the fun. I took Callums hands to help him play on a slide. Wee guy was afraid to go by himself.


I handed Naomi my shoes, phone and purse and that was the last she saw of me until it was time for the kids to eat.  Callum wanted to play in the big kids area. Ohhh yes. I tucked him under my arm and off we went; crawling, climbing and sliding through the play area. He loved it. Ok at one point he got scared because it got dark so we left that area but other than that he was laughing and smiling and doing this funny wee hop/run round some hanging things. We even got to go down the big slide. Along the way we saw Anton with his face all red from running about with his friends. He was having a blast. I could hardly keep him still for two seconds to speak to him ^.^’


During the food a special visitor arrived with the cake. Who? Spiderman. Antons wee face when he saw him was so cute. Even Callum was having a wee smile and wave at him to say hello. The cake had a picture of Spiderman too. When he got to open presents at home after the party we realised that everyone must just know he loves Spiderman because almost everything was Spiderman or a superhero/transformer. Ah, I bought him a Batmobile that shoots missiles and has a little Batman. It’s pretty cool.


Since his party was early, my sister decided to have a little party in her house on his actual birthday so her and her kids and me. I was at work since 7 and I’ve school tonight but how could I miss my buddy’s birthday?


I arrived after work to see Callum sleeping and Anton was at school. Before collecting him, we all went to buy some treats; popcorn, sweets, crisps and blew up a couple of balloons. Anton was full of life after school. I had to try to keep both boys upstairs while mummy got the party ready. When it was ready, Anton got to blow out a candle on a bun then we ate for about half an hour (obviously Katie and I cleared the plates.) It was such a cute wee day. Before I went home, Katie gave me a party bag and cake for both Chris and myself. Yum!


So, I ended up not going to class tonight. I was too tired and I had eaten so much that I made myself feel kinda sick >.< It was so worth it though.


I should probably go and do my assignments.


Byebye (^.^)/


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