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Peeling Mask



I bought some face masks the other day as they were 3 for £2. The cold weathers really affected my skin.


10094530 mask


First of all, I tried the peeling face mask. It said to leave it on for 10-20 minutes then peel. I decided to chill in my new pajamas in my bed with my new pillows (which btw are the best ever) with a book and some music. Just as it was getting close to peeling time, I got a phone call. “Hi, I’m hungry so I’m gonna stop at McDonalds. Do you want anything?” Me: No, I’m not hungry. “Ok, can I come get you so you can keep me company in the car then?” A few minutes later Chris arrived. Into the car I got, my face half peeled already, and looked at Chris. “Chris look my skins coming off!” He actually sat looking at it, unsure of what to believe. My skin does peel but not as badly as that. Now that he knows it was a face mask he keeps telling me that he knew it wasn’t my skin peeling because I was too calm but at the time….let’s just say he kept asking what was happening and “that’s never happened before!” along with asking if it was sore to peel it and even wanting to try peeling a bit. He totally believed it.


After peeling it off, I really felt the difference in my skin. It was super smooth and just looked better. I’d definitely use it again. Let’s hope the other two masks work just as well.


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