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Presents And The Run Up To Christmas


I’ve been so busy lately, work, placement and assignments. I had aimed to get all of my assignments finished and handed in but…..

Christmas is getting close so I’ve decided I should start some shopping. Usually I get all of it done within one day (last year I had pretty much all of it done during my lunch break in work) This year I’m cutting down. I just don’t have as much money to spare now. I’ve to think about saving now for my friend’s wedding so I can get there and back and have somewhere to stay that’s nice. I’ll try to save so my balance won’t look so sad after insurance comes out too.

Anyway, I went out on Monday night with my sister (who everyone thinks is actually my younger sister even though we’re twins…and she’s the older one) I got a present for my granny and something that I just loved as soon as I saw it for Callum. I’ve already bought both sisters their presents. I should really be ordering my present from Chris (manga of course) but I need the money in my account first *hint hint Chris*

I think the hardest thing to buy is a present for a guy, namely my dad and brother. I just never know what to buy for them. This year maybe I’ll buy a voucher for a fishing store for my brother or something. No idea about my dad though ^.^’

One present this year that I love the idea of is that Chris’ sister, him and myself are putting money together and sending their parents to stay somewhere overnight. It’ll be a nice wee gift for them and definitely not something they would think of receiving.

I’m thinking of just buying everything that’s left to get online now. I don’t have time to do shopping any more. I will be going to placement even though I’m off school now (I’m even going in tomorrow before work to help out) and then I’ve got work every day and I’ve to find the time to do all of my assignments that I should have done… Shopping online just seems a lot easier. A few clicks and you’re done =]

Hmm, I guess I should start one of my assignments now. I had to take a day off work because of a bug (really hate taking time off) so I guess I should put my time to good use.

Byebye (^.^)/


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