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A Dog Isn’t Just For Christmas



I’ve been working like crazy this week! I’ve just finished doing overnight shifts actually. It’s amazing how quickly the night goes when you’re working.


Anyway, on Wednesday afternoon Chris, his mum and sister went to the kennels. Look what they came back with:


2013-12-19 15.24.23


Isn’t she so cute! Her name is Ellie and she’s a 7 week old mix between a Labrador and …something. It’s so hard not to just carry her about all day.


During the night she whines a lot so people have been taking turns to sleep in the living room with her. She would wake up and look up at the sofa, whining. She just wants cuddled and falls back to sleep when you cuddle her.


During the day, Ellie is so full of mischief. She would nip if she gets too excited and play with your feet when you try to walk, eats hair when you cuddle her and even chases Diesel. Poor dogs terrified of her. He runs as soon as she comes close to him. She takes the chance and runs for his bone and all he can do is watch her. Hopefully they get along better soon.


I’d just love to show her to Anton and Callum. I wonder if  Callum would be afraid?


I’ve spent all day with Ellie today. I can’t stay away. She’s like the baby in our family now.


2013-12-21 13.29.36 2013-12-21 13.29.25 2013-12-21 12.00.32



I’m still wrecked from working overnight so I might go to bed now.. I’ve a busy day tomorrow!



Byebye (^.^)/


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