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It’s Christmas Time Again.

Happy Christmas!


I have to admit, I wasn’t interested in Christmas during the run up to it. All those extra shoppers, no parking spaces, trying to find something lovely to give each person…I’m not a fan of all of that. 


By 10:30 we had opened everything. We usually do early in the morning but I went to bed after 3AM so I had no hopes of getting up…until Chris’ dad came bouncing in to tell us to hurry because ‘Santa’s waiting!’


I got so many lovely things. 19 volumes of manga, an anime box set (thanks Naomi), jewelry (thanks Katie) Cute jumpers (like I love them) and Hello Kitty jammies. I’m looking forward to wearing those. More jammies (which I picked), a new game for the DS and…LIGHT UP SLIPPERS. I swear the kid in me is jumping up and down to watch them flash.




Also, I got a voucher for a shop. It just so happens that I also get 30% off the next time I go to that shop. Handy =]


Last night, I realised just how much goes into Christmas when there are kids around. I was at Katie’s house. It was late and the turkey and ham were cooking, presents still needed wrapped and then everything needed set out to look like Santa had come. I sat wrapping away for about an hour and that was only the end of the presents. Stockings had to be filled. Anton did not go to sleep. “Mummy!” was shouted down the stairs every now and then. I had to keep looking to make sure he wasn’t standing there on the way past with presents. Katie sat placing presents to make sure toys, clothes and different wrapping papers were all spaced out. Here’s what her living room looked like when we were done:




The whole room was covered! I bet there were 2 very excited boys in her home this morning. Compared to her home, our presents were all piled up under the tree. Ellie had a field day this morning with all of the paper. She actually got hold of a present and lay ripping it open. She’s so full of mischief. 




Oh yeah, last night Anton came to wish me a Happy Christmas before he went to bed. I swear he’s getting cuter every day! He’s grown up so much. He’s a proper young child now. We sat doing puzzles before bed time and he told me he had made some shortbread with a neighbour. He even told us to use flour and water(?) to make them. I hope he really enjoys today.




How has your Christmas been?


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