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Entering The New Year With Style



I’ve caught the shopping bug.


Today,  I finished work at half 1 and I didn’t get home until 4. I went straight into shopping mode as soon as I left work. Working in a shopping centre is handy when there are sales.  I had aimed for all the sales in my favourite shops but…everything was pretty much gone/not in my size/not nice. One thing I loved was that I could get student discount. Oh how I missed it. Here’s what I got:


2013-12-29 15.59.12 2013-12-29 15.59.19 2013-12-29 15.59.33 2013-12-29 16.00.09


2013-12-29 16.00.312013-12-29 15.57.58 2013-12-29 15.58.14 2013-12-29 15.59.05


I decided to try them all on and see what I love the most:


2013-12-29 16.14.18 2013-12-29 16.20.52 2013-12-29 16.21.07 2013-12-29 16.22.06

2013-12-29 16.29.32 2013-12-29 16.35.39


Well, that was a very picture heavy post. Sorry about that ^.^’ I think the denim waistcoat makes the last outfit so much more complete. I think it’s my favourite outfit of them all. What do you think?





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