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A Welcome Distraction

Hey Yesterday was my last full day to get my assignments finished. I sat from 8:30 until 12:45 and had only one question half-finished. To be fair it was the last assignment that needed done and the last question. Just as I was getting to the point of giving up because of how boring it was, I got a little txt from my sister. I had told her my assignment was killing me so she gave me an option for a wee distraction. ”Do you want to take the boys for an hour?” YES PLEASE!


I was so excited. I ran about the house getting things ready for them to arrive. I set up Chris’ computer (2 screens came in so handy) made the chairs comfy and got a little bit of food ready for them both. I was so happy when they arrived. I was bouncing towards the door. Anton came in first and came to say hi to everyone. Callum was a little more shy and wanted lifted but he was fine after that. I put Fairy Tail on for the kids to watch (English voices though) and we all sat eating our ‘party food’ as Anton called it. Even though I had the language set to English, the opening and ending songs were still in Japanese…not that I minded. We were sitting watching and then I heard this wee voice. Anton had picked up a little bit of the song and was singing it! I couldn’t believe it. Callum just bounced along saying ”Yay!” Suprisingly, both boys enjoyed the anime. The only problem was, Callum got bored on my knee and wanted onto Anton’s knee. Anton didn’t want that to happen though. Callum wouldn’t give up, he pulled himself up on my knee and tried to climb across to the other computer chair and got down beside Anton. Anton being a good big brother, let him sit there and put his arm around Callum…for a few seconds. Callum just wouldn’t give up though. He crawled in behind Anton and cuddled his back and stood behind him, determined to stay on that chair with him. Eventually I had to take him back over. Luckily for me, I had a good solution. It wasn’t a planned solution but it worked well. Callum spotted my slippers flashing. “That!” he said while squiggling down to see them. He sat making my slippers light up and playing with them for ages laughing. Ah little amuses the innocent.



2014-01-06 14.13.07


After a wee while, we decided to go see the dogs. Now, Callum is afraid of dogs. Especially Diesel. However, both boys stood inside while Diesel was outside. “Hi dog. Hi Diesel” they said while waving and smiling. “I want to see the other one.” said Anton. I nipped out to get her from the garage and held her. Both boys looked sad hi and then stroked her. Improvement for Callum. I put her back away and they went back to looking at Diesel for a second (I was between them and the dog though so that he wouldn’t get in.) Anton needed to pee so asked where the toilet was. I moved to show him and Callum tried to follow. Just then, Callum tripped and Diesel decided to come inside. Poor guy couldn’t get himself back to standing and tried to crawl away, screaming, crying and looking back while this big lump of a dog came bouncing towards him. It was like watching something from a horror movie. I scooped him up (trying to hide my laughter at the scene) and tried to get Diesel back out…which just didn’t happen. That dogs too big and heavy for me to even try to stop. Once he lay in his bed I had no hope. I pulled at his collar to try to get him up but he just sat looking at me. Callum stopped crying and started saying “Up dog! Come on. Out” as if he was trying to help me. We went back to the computer. Anton wanted to watch something to do with Batman but Callum was pointing to Fairy Tail. One screen each it was.  I never understood why Chris has 2 screens until now. It was pretty useful.


2014-01-06 13.57.13  2014-01-06 15.46.06


Eventually, Callum settled himself down and fell asleep. I placed him on the couch all cuddled up and turned to see Anton holding out his hand to me. We sat holding hands for ages. He’s such a wee cutie. He talked non stop too. “Santa got me a batman cave” etc. He sat telling me all about what was happening in the Batman thing that was on and told me who the bad guys were. He’s superhero crazy. He must have been enjoying himself because when Katie came to collect the boys, Anton cried his eyes out saying he didn’t want to go home yet ^.^’ I was glad to have them as a distraction for a few hours. Did I go back and finish my work after? Nope. I’m going to head up to the school library now instead and meet a friend from class. This will be our last attempt to finish our work. Let’s hope we get it done!


Byebye (^.^)/


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