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What Make Up I Use



I’ve been wearing my make up more recently. Gotta look half- decent!


I thought I’d share what I use.


2014-01-07 12.11.032014-01-07 12.11.23


Firstly, because I have a skin condition, I put on my prescribed cream in hopes of my make up looking less uneven? I guess I could use that word. Let’s go with that.


Next I use my foundation; True Match by L’Oreal in Ivory.


My next task is eye shadow. I didn’t use it for a good while but I was given the Glamour Puss Palette by Barry M for Christmas so I’ve started wearing it again. I use a light, natural colour from the inside and then a darker brown for the outside, blending it in the middle.


2014-01-07 12.12.00


Once I’m satisfied with the eye shadow (which I do pretty quickly) I start on the eye liner. Since I have small eyes, I don’t put eyeliner on top and bottom.  Just the top will do or else my eyes look even smaller (advice given to the 17-year-old me which I have stuck with ever since.) I don’t use a liquid eyeliner as I don’t think it looks right on me. Right now I’m using… I think it’s NO.7 pencil eyeliner.


Almost finished now! The thing I spend the most time doing – mascara. Right now I’m using They’re Real by benefit. I wouldn’t really pay for something so expensive but my sister gave me it so I’ll happily use it. The brush is great for separating eyelashes and it really does make eyelashes look longer. I don’t curl my eyelashes.


For blusher I use a pinky colour from my Chilli Pepper London set which was a Christmas present a couple of years ago. I only use a little though. Don’t want to look like a clown.


To finish, I use a pink Hello Kitty lip gloss. It smells like LoveHearts (really doesn’t taste like sweets though). And there we go, my make up look.



2014-01-07 12.26.35 2014-01-07 12.12.42




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