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For The Love Of…

Military boots.


Yup, I caved in after years of wanted and thinking they didn’t suit me. But did I buy one pair? Nope, I got 4. Making up for those years of wanting some.



My first pair came from Internationale. I guess they’re more just boots than military boots though. I’ve been wearing them to work and they’re super comfy.


2013-12-29 15.57.58



That same week, Chris’ friend who we went on holiday with (one of the ones from a different country) bought me these bad boys. Why he actually bought me them, I’m not sure but I won’t complain. So in love with these. The heel just makes them a bit more cool. They cost £14.99 on eBay with free shipping. pretty good, right?


2014-01-02 13.18.05 2014-01-02 16.08.48


Not stopping there, I ordered 2 more pairs on eBay that week. How excited was I when I saw both packages arriving at once?!


2014-01-07 12.25.28




The brown ones aren’t as brown as I’d hoped but I still like them. I think I’ll have to stop buying shoes for a while. Ah I’m excited to see what all I have to wear with these beasts.


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