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It’s The Little Things



I’ve been so busy with assignments since class started back.  I’ll get whats left to do finished tonight/tomorrow hopefully then I can finish reading a book that was kindly sent to me by a publishing company for review. I’m almost finished the book so you can expect to see my thoughts on it soon!


I decided that I would tell you about something that happened during work today.


it was about 5:30 and the shopping centre would be closing by 6. I had just been called to the tills to help out and was signing on when a young girl approached me. “Excuse me?” she said quietly, her face filled with nervousness. I knew straight away what was wrong. She couldn’t find her granny. I listened to her just like you would any child and asked if she would like me to help her look.  Right now, the queue could wait. There was somebody else that could be called onto tills. She had suggested going down to another shop by herself to look if her granny was not in our shop as her granny said he would be in one of the two. The last thing I wanted was to let her out into the shopping centre by herself so I really hoped she would be there. As we walked around, searching for her granny, I asked questions on what she was wearing or if anyone was with her to make it easier to spot her. The girl was so helpful even though she was holding back her tears.


As we went along, it became clear to me, this girls granny was not in our shop. Again, she suggested leaving our store by herself. I explained to her that I didn’t want to let her do that for her own safety but if she was going to go, I would get a security guard to stay with her to make sure she is safe. Fortunately, just as we were getting close to the door, her older sister came in, looking for her. I was so relieved as I’m sure the little girl was to be reunited with her sister. Now at least I knew she was safe.


I went back to tidying, unaware that a customer had been watching me deal with this child. She approached me saying “Excuse me, can I just say, well done. You did really well with that child just now. Just from looking on, I thought to myself ‘thank goodness that is the person helping that young child.’ You really listened to what she had to say and just did so well.” she told me that I should work with children (to which I said thank you and that I was doing child care. She told me it was a good choice to do it.)


It’s not like this is the first time that I have helped a young child but it’s certainly a first for a customer to praise me for it. It’s not something I would have expected. I mean, isn’t it normal to help a lost child? You know what though? Hearing this lady saying that I did well and that I should work with children really made my day. It really gives me confidence to know that someone thought that they were glad that it was me helping that child.


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