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This weeks flown by! Actually…the whole month passed so quickly. I can’t believe it.


This week I’m off work. I’m going to nursery 3 or 4 days this week to help out. It’s so fun. Today, a pupil gave me a picture that she painted at home.


Anyway, on Saturday, Anton and I had a day together at my house. He was so excited that he woke up at 6:20AM that morning and by 11 had showered and had his shoes on waiting for me to come. I arrived and he was just so ready to leave that he actually asked twice “Are we going now?” when I chatted with my sister. We went to the shopping centre first to get some sweets (I had popcorn in the house but sweets are a good back up). he held my hand perfectly in the shops. Even though we were out for the day, he still thought about his brother. “I want to buy this for Callum” he said while picking up a box of 4 chocolates shaped like Disney’s cars. Once we bought our treats we headed to mine. He bounced in the door saying Hi and taking off his shoes.


Chris was only up but he set up the movie for us. We were going to watch Monsters University. Anton wasn’t the only one excited to see it. I couldn’t wait either. We curled up in bed and Chris pressed play. We nibbled on Maoam sweets and he shared his cookie lollipop with me. It was so cute. Every now and then he would just look at me and bring the lollipop to my mouth for me to take a bite and when I did, he did the cutest smile. He also shared his Kinder Egg with me that his mummy had given to him.


We didn’t even make it halfway through the movie when he decided “Let’s go play with this!” (his toy from inside the Kinder Egg) So, we went into the living room and played with it, he watched Lego Batman gameplay videos an we coloured in together. After a while, we went back to the movie but again, he decided “Let’s go.” I don’t think he liked the movie. Either that or he was too excited to be at my house. After an hour or trying to get him to go to the toilet, he finally went…after Chris told him to and then he ‘raced’ him.


Later on, we had a Chinese. It was so good. Both of us had been sitting waiting for the Chinese to open. In the Chinese, Anton moved about and laughed at You’ve Been Framed. All the other customers were elderly so they just looked on. I did manage to get him to sit still on my knee and then the lady behind the counter gave him a green lollipop. “Thank you!” he said with a huge smile. Luckily, he knew he had to eat his dinner first. After finishing, he went back to watching more Lego batman. he’s addicted to it. Chris was sitting playing WoW and I think Anton was copying him as after hearing Chris laughing away and talking to his friends in his headphones microphone, I heard “Go on! you can do it. OK, we got him.” and stuff like that. I can so see him growing up to be a gamer. Having two people sitting talking away like Chris does though…don’t know if I could handle that =D


By 6PM, I knew Anton was tired. He had gotten quiet and his wee face just looked sleepy. I asked if it was time to go home. “Nope.” Chris heard and had to stop himself from giggling. He turned and asked Anton “Do you not want to go home and see mummy?” “No, I want to stay here with Nattie.” The wee guy had got it into his head that he was sleeping over. During the day he had mentioned that I was “minding him for 2 days.” By 6:30PM I knew he had to go home or else he would fall asleep. “OK time to go to the toilet then we’ll go home. He covered his face because he didn’t want to but he raced Chris again to the toilet so he could sing “Neh neh neh nehneh, I win you lose” then we gathered his toys and shoes and I got a blanket so he could be cosy in the car. He said bye and slowly walked to the door with the blanket wrapped around him, ready to brave the cold. I tried to keep him awake on the way home by talking to him but after 2 minutes he stopped answering. Sure enough, he had fallen asleep. I carried him into his house to see Callum walking around wide awake. My sister took Anton’s shoes off and we unwrapped the blanket then she carried him straight to bed. The day had completely worn him out. Turns out, Callum had napped quite late on in the day so he had no hopes of falling asleep. I couldn’t stay for long but I got to play a little with Callum before leaving. He’s such a cheeky monkey. Next time I’ll have to take him somewhere.


It was such a great day. I’m so glad I got to spend time with my wee buddy. I’m sure he loved the undivided attention. After coming home again, I got cosy in bed and watched the rest of Monsters University then watched Frozen and then? I fell asleep. The day had tired me out as much as it had Anton.




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