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Quick OOTD



I bought another new dress in work the other day. I really have to stop buying clothes. I’m running out of room!


Since we were visiting another school with the class, I decided it was a great chance to wear it so, he was yesterdays outfit:


2014-01-28 21.16.282014-01-28 21.15.342014-01-28 21.15.50


By the time I had a chance to take a photo it was dark and I was so tired (I went up to my school after placement to finish my work so I didn’t get home until late) so I had to settle for these photos. I didn’t add a necklace in case it got caught on something during placement.  Next time I’ll get better photos. 


Today is only a quick post because I’ve to get ready to go for a walk now. Gotta work off the salad, 2 donuts, ‘share’ pack of Tayto cheese and onion crisps and that cup of tea (all of which I casually tucked away during class last night)


Byebye (^.^)/


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