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Valentines Gift Anyone?



I went for a walk with my sister yesterday. Our walk turned into looking around shops for a bit then a short walk and then to Tesco. Anyway, we went into a shop called The Works as it’s closing in a couple of days. We had looked around and picked up a few bits and pieces (which she paid for. Thanks Naomi ^.^)


Just before going to the till, we decided to look at the Valentines Day section. It had the normal things..and then I spotted these. If you want to buy your other half something different but you just don’t have the money, then this is the thing for you:


2014-01-29 14.17.13


Really not the type of thing I had expected to find in the store. We had a wee laugh to ourselves over our discovery and the fact that it included a guide. No, we didn’t buy it but I did send a photo of it to Chris as a joke. Poor guy didn’t know how to respond. It says ‘for hours of playful fun in the bedroom’ on the back. Hmm…no. It’d be more like ‘feel sick after 5 minutes from the sweetness and all the popping from the candy’



I might start doing ‘Odd Products’ posts. If anyone finds something odd while shopping, feel free to let me know via email or comments on here; you could send a photo along with where/when you found it and your thoughts on it too. Let me know what you think of that idea



Byebye (^.^)/


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