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Wear What I Want



Today I’m catching up with a friend. She always has lovely outfits on and make up…and you can pretty much guarantee a picture will be taken. So, I decided to put effort into looking cute. No matter what the weather is like (which btw is unbelievably windy and rainy)


I chose this:


2014-02-01 15.44.35

2014-02-01 14.32.54
Plain without the necklace, right?


Chris said the skirt was ‘chilly’ aka short (because of the actually under part only going so far then the rest is just lace. “No problem” I thought. I tried tights on with the outfit. Nope. It did not look good at all. Leg warmers maybe…even to cover my legs a bit. Again, nope. What would I do?! Time was ticking and I needed to find something fast. I didn’t want to change my top half because the body warmer is new and I love the fleece part on the collar so I had to wear it. As I sat thinking, I suddenly remembered something. I have short shorts that look just like the skirt. I’ve got them underneath now so if the wind blows my skirt all people will see are shorts.



What shoes should I wear? I had the shoes I wanted in mind but I wasn’t sure which colour. Chris chose the brown ones in the end for me. I ended up adding the necklace to make the black top look less plain.  For my hair, pigtails because it won’t blow about so much  and won’t get in the way of putting the hood of my coat up.


2014-02-01 15.42.26



Skirt and denim waistcoat: TKMaxx

Shoes: eBay

Top: Dunnes

Necklace :DV8


Ok, time to go!


Byebye (^.^)/


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