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English Tea Shop: Youthful Me



As you all know, I love tea. I’ve gotten so addicted to it all over again and my skins really dried out from it now. Wearing make up only highlights how dry my skin is so for now I’ll be bare-faced. I know I need to stop drinking it so much but I can’t just give up tea. Instead, I bought this:


2014-01-29 16.32.05


I found it in work for £1.99. Now, I usually don’t like flavoured tea. I actually bought  a detox tea a day or two before finding this (also in work) that had mint and a couple other things but one mouthful and I almost threw up. Poor Chris sat drinking it because I had made him a mug full of it. Just looking at his face, I could tell how much he hated it. Luckily, my sister thought it wasn’t too bad so it wasn’t wasted.


I was a bit skeptical that this tea would be nice even though it has organic blueberries and organic blackberries. Why? because of the organic rosehip, organic sea buckthorn berries. I had never even heard of buckthorn berries. I gave it a try anyway. What I love about it is that on the box it gives directions for ‘the perfect serve’ and each tea bag is individually wrapped so you can easily bring them to work with you.


At first I thought it was a bit bitter but overall? I like it. It’s caffeine free too so I guess it’s healthier. I wonder if the ‘Youthful Me’ part will happen. OK I look young but apparently I looked ‘wrecked’ even though I’d slept lots and even wore make up and apparently my twin (who is the older one) now looks like my ‘younger sister’. I might try making iced tea with it sometime. After all, there are instructions on how to make it on the box too. I wonder if it will taste like the amazing iced tea Chris had in Kitti Chai on our last day in Germany?








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