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Joining The Masses

Walking around town I can spot so many people with dip dyed hair. I used to dislike the look but guess what? I took a notion and so….I did it. Well, not me, I bought the dye and got my friend to do it for me.


Comparing colours in Tesco
Comparing colours in Tesco


I bought the Ombre kit by L’Oreal for £6.48 in Tesco. Sure, I could have tried to do it myself but what if it went wrong? I can’t make sure it looks right at the back can I?


I went to my friends house on Thursday night. The instructions said to put it on dry hair so I decided to straighten it, thinking it would be easier. On the instructions it says to leave it in for 20-45 minutes. I didn’t want to end up super blond at the bottom so we decided to start checking it from 20 minutes onwards. In the end, we decided to leave it for 30 minutes and it turned out alright. One thing though. It wasn’t as easy as we thought to put it in my hair because as soon as my hair got wet it started to curl up again =S We actually did it twice because after the first go we thought it didn’t look like much in my hair. We then ended up then fixing it up at the end so that it looked even at the back. The colour I wanted was more of an ash blond than proper blond because it would look a bit more natural.


Here’s how my hair turned out:

In the daylight
In the daylight


What do you think?


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