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Casual OOTD for Nursery



Going to nursery means running about after children and tidying lots. Don’t forget about getting dirty if we’re painting/playing outside so I stick to casual outfits that are easy to move about in. The rules say no jeans and although I’ve been kind of slacking off on that rule because jeans are so easy to move about in, I’m trying to stay away from the jeans now. I have to admit, it’s harder to pick something now because it’s still cold. I ended up trying on 5 outfits the night before nursery and ended up just settling on this because I was too tired to keep looking.


2014-02-24 00.36.42 (1)



Once I got into nursery I ended up regretting the tights/shorts because I was freezing all day. That and the fact that I kept having to pull the belt back down every time I had stretched up >.< Well lesson learnt. I’ll be more careful with my choices in the future.



Ah, payday tomorrow….maybe I’ll buy new trousers



Byebye (^.^)/


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