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No Experience? No Problem



I’d been thinking of getting a piercing…again. I just take wee notions y’know? Well, a few days after dip dying my hair, I added this:


2014-02-25 21.36.38


Yeaaaa, a second hole. Just in that ear. I had wanted my tragus pierced but after watching a video on how it was done? Eh no. My friend actually got her tragus done a couple of days ago and said it was agony so now it’s a definite no. If she thought it was sore I have no hope.


Anyway, I’d looked round the chemists in town and none did ear-piercing anymore…bar one which charged like £16 or £17. A couple of jewelers did it but they charged around that price too. Having my own kit and knowing how it really doesn’t take much, I did not want to pay that much. Instead, I hunted for my kit and took it to school with me. As much as I could have done my own ear, I decided against it in case I jumped and pulled the gun away which would mess it up. So, what did I do? I got my friend Amy from school to do it for me. Poor girl had never done it before. I set the gun up for her and explained how to do it, letting her do one practice hole in a wee fake ear made of cardboard and sponge. She actually did it really well so I told her no more practice, time for my ear. She was nervous but then she just kind of…did it. (her words exactly when a girl in class asked if she was afraid) I expected it to hurt a lot more than it actually did. It didn’t even hurt the next day and I’m fine lying on it. I had to actually question if it had gone through ^.^’


What did Chris say when he saw? “What, you got there done? I thought you were getting that other bit done. So now you have two there, one at the top and one in the other ear? *sigh* Why are you doing this?” Poor guy still doesn’t like piercings (not that it stops me.) Well, if I ever change my mind I can take it out. Oh yea, he also said “You do know that when we have kids you have to take out all your piercings?” Hmm…no. That will not happen. I will keep them until I decide I don’t want them any more.


I’ve gained some followers lately. Thanks for deciding my blog is follow worthy =]


Byebye (^.^)/


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