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Can They Do That?



I wondered why I had so many views a wee while ago but never really looked into it, hoping people just found my blog interesting. Well, this morning I woke up to a message on Facebook from a friend with a link to “33 Accessories Every ’00s Teen Owned And Loved” and  message saying ”27”. I thought it was strange that he was sending me this because, well, he’s a guy and really not the type to look at stuff like that.


I scrolled through them thinking “yes, I had a mood ring, yes I had an anklet, yes I had a friendship necklace (pretty sure it was the same as the one in the photo actually)…” and so on. Then, I reached number 27 and what did I see? A photo from my blog from one of my OOTD posts from a year or so ago. At first I laughed because it said “Hairbands that don’t push any hair back” and it’s true that I don’t push my hair back with them (it would make my hair look gigantic). It did have a link to my blog underneath which is fair enough.


However, I started thinking “That photo shows my face and I wasn’t asked permission to have my photo used…is that OK?” I get that having a blog, people might take my photos but surely they need to ask when it’s a photo that shows my face? I don’t know. What I do though is that it was probably why I got more views so I guess one good thing did come out of it.


For now, I guess I’ll just leave it be.


Byebye (^.^)/


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