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Lent: Have You Given Something Up?



Has anyone given up something for Lent? This year I’ve given up tea…again. Since I know I can do it because I’ve done it before though, I’ve added something else. Bread. I never really noticed how much bread I would eat – toast, sandwiches, wraps, soda, french bread rolls… I keep walking into the kitchen to make a sandwich or something then realise I can’t so I end up eating either Belvita, biscuits or fruit.


For the first few I had headaches from not having any tea. But at the same time I felt more awake because of the amount of water I was drinking instead. On the second day of Lent, I was at my sisters house and she had all types of bread to use up and was going to offer me something to eat from it all and had bought Galaxy chocolate to share with a cup of tea. It was so hard to not eat any of the bread because there were muffins and soda (two things you can’t get outside NI bin case you were wondering what I was talking about)  The other night we had spaghetti bolognese and we usually have some French bread with it. I had to go and buy it, knowing I couldn’t have any. Chris’ dad forgot that I was off it so he put some on my plate. Oh Chris’ grin when I had to watch as he divided the bread I was given onto his and his dads plates. He was loving it because he got to eat more of that delicious bread. While I’m finding it a bit hard now, there are benefits of coming off the bread because I’ve been having more fruit so it’s not all bad. The day before Lent started I had actually brought a massive cup of tea with me to school, not even realising it would be my last one. At least I enjoyed it. I had been meaning to eat more healthily anyway so I guess Lent is a good time to start because I know I shouldn’t break it for 6 weeks.


2014-03-04 14.28.21
Last tea and first fruit box


My friend and I have now started to bring a fruit box with us to class, one of us making it each week to share. She wants to eat healthier too so she gave up biscuits/chocolate for Lent. Having our fruit box is the one way we can help each other because we used to end up buying a cup of Tea and chocolate for class every week. After Lent is over we might even be able to stick to the healthier eating since we will be used to it. Let’s hope so anyway because I’ve a wedding to go to in July!




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