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Casual Visitor



This morning Chris’ mum had gone to the shop and when she got back she came in to me giggling, telling me to come and look out the living room window. I asked why thinking she had hit something and there was a dent in her car or something (even though she had walked to the shop). What did she say? “There’s some guy sitting on the bench out the front high as a kite.” He had followed her into the estate and decided to come and sit on the bench right outside the living room window and relax. I peeked round the corner of the doorway and just laughed. Sure enough, there he was just chilling, dozing off and his head was bobbing about. Then he started to talk to himself. We were honestly laughing our heads off inside…with the door locked. Thing is, we had the blinds opened and he turned and looked straight in a few times. He had a black eye so he had obviously been in a fight.


We had to call Chris’ sister to tell her to not come home because she would have to get past this guy. After waking up Chris to come and see (he settled on lying in bed and just hearing what was going on), the guy got up and started walking up our driveway! Chris’ mum went upstairs to watch from a window and shouted down “Nat! He’s broken into next doors house. He’s jumped over the fence into their garden! What do I do?” Then she had a thought. “Oh Nat, go see if our gates locked so he can’t get into our garden.” “Nooo what if he comes in while I’m out there!” “It’s OK I’m watching from upstairs he’s still next door.” I ran out the back to the gate and it wasn’t locked. I locked it and ran back in, locking the back door. Both of the dogs were in the back garden so even if he did try to get in, he wouldn’t have gotten very far before the two of them started barking at him and jumping, doing ‘security’. After another 5 or so minutes, he jumped back out of the neighbours garden and strolled down our driveway and away.


If I had been home alone I would have been afraid but since Chris and his mum were home and the door was locked, I just found it funny. The guy couldn’t even walk properly at all and was shouting at the air and waving his arms about while he was sitting on the bench but at least he wasn’t wrecking anything. I wonder what happened to him after that?


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