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Cinema Date With Anton



I had promised to take Anton to see the Lego Movie ages ago but just never got around to it. Well, I realised that I was free on Saturday so I took the chance to ask if he was free. He was so we made a date. I was excited to go out and spend time with just him like we used to and he was super excited to finally see the Lego Movie. He actually woke up at 7AM that morning asking if it was time to go. My poor sister was hoping for a lie in but ended up awake earlier than usual.


I was a bit late in picking him up but we made it to the cinema in time. On the way there, Anton sat talking away about what he would like in the cinema and about his Angry Bird toys that he had brought with him. I’d be making sure he didn’t lose those! He watched everything, taking it all in. “Your wiper is doing something on the back window.” he told me. He also told me that Joker and Harley Quinn were chasing us and they were catching up (what an imagination) and also that me and mummy were his friends and that we were really beautiful. That kid will be breaking hearts when he gets older. While we waited in traffic he started laughing and said “That girl is silly.” I had no idea who he was talking about. Had he seen someone do something outside? Was he talking about me? Turns out he was talking about the song that was on in the car because apparently, she was speaking ‘Spanish’. How does he even know what that is at his age? I laughed and told him it wasn’t Spanish, it was Japanese and asked if he could say it. “No. I can’t say it” he replied. “Ok, try to say it. Say ‘Ja'” I began, planning to split the word up, when all of a sudden I hear “Japanese” being said quickly. “See, you can say it!” I said and he laughed. Hmm, I think someone was playing tricks on me. He then said that the girl was singing funny just like the last girl when the next song came on and told me “I think you need new songs.” I love the things he comes out with. You just never know what he’s going to say. He also knew the names of places like Portadown, Craigavon and Lisburn. Smart boy


When we got to the cinema he asked “Which one are you going to park in?” as I drove round, looking for an empty space. I couldn’t believe how busy it was…but then again it was a Saturday, what did I expect? He waited patiently in the queue for the tickets and got a kiddie tray which included popcorn, a drink and a little bag of Haribo sweets.He was so polite asking me for a red slush puppy and sweet popcorn, with a please of course. We missed a couple of minutes by the time we were out of the queues but we had managed to get a couple of seats where it was just us in the row. It was so nice to be able to sit there without others being around and climbing past us during the movie.


Anton sat so well throughout the movie. Granted a couple of times he would say “He’s a bad guy, isn’t he?” and would say “There’s *enter superhero name here*” but when I put my finger on my lips and said we have to be quiet in the cinema he nodded and whispered it instead. I looked over at once point and there he was sitting grinning with his thumbs up at the screen, absolutely loving it. He was careful about his kiddie tray not falling off his knee and if his slush puppy made a strange noise he would give it to me to fix (stir) it. Once he saw how I did it, he tried it himself, proud that he could do it.


The movie was so much better than I had expected it to do. I had expected something boring because Anton likes to watch Lego Batman game play when he’s at my house and I figured it would just be similar to that but it was actually good. I ended up laughing at parts of it myself. I loved how Batman was portrayed. It made me chuckle. By the end of the movie I could see Anton sitting at the edge of his seat (literally) and doing a little dance. I knew he was dying to go to the toilet. “Is it over?” he asked. “No, almost over. Do you need to go to the toilet?” “Oh, nonono.” he replied. As soon as the words “The End” showed on screen he jumped round to me asking “does that mean it’s over?” As soon as I said yes he was rushing to get ready to go. We got up and he basically ran to the toilets with me walking quickly with him. I knew I was right. He told me he really enjoyed the movie and had sat laughing away at it and giving me a thumbs up too.


When we got back to the car, he asked if it was time to go home. I asked if he was hungry so we went to McDonalds. What a lovely wee treat for him. Cinema and McDonalds? He was being treated like a king. I had never been to Lisburn by myself with nobody to tell me which lane to be in at the roundabouts, and I had never driven into Sprucefield where McDonalds is either so of course, I drove right past the entrance. “Oh Anton I’ve just driven past it so will we go to the one in town instead?” “But I wanted to go to that one” came a little voice from the back. I drove back round the roundabouts and into Sprucefield. In McDonalds, he told me he would like a burger and strawberry milkshake in his happy meal then went off to be friends with another child; a girl, older than him and who he thought was pretty. He was so happy, chatting away and doing star jumps to get a gold coin like it said on the happy meal box and talking about Mario (his Happy Meal toy). I even got a good photo of him, enjoying his happy meal to send to mummy (good job I sent it to her straight away because I’ve just lost half the photos on my phone!) Before we left, he took a picture to colour in. He then asked if he could take one for Callum too. Isn’t he such a good brother, even thinking about him when he was out for a special date with me? he had even suggested we keep a Happy Meal for Callum…and some popcorn before he ate it all ^.^


On the way home, he talked away again until…silence. The wee guy had worn himself out and had fallen asleep. Just as we got back to Portadown, he woke up and said “Hey, we’re in Portadown.” before dozing off for a second again. At home he was still sleepy and sat watching TV while I gave Callum some attention. He had cried that morning because he wasn’t going with us. Maybe when you’re older Callum. I went into Anton after a bit and he sat on my knee before starting to play a game of ”lets be silly together” and we ended up running about downstairs. Of course Callum joined in. You could probably hear the screams of them from outside but we were having fun so it’s fine.


It was such a great day and I really enjoyed seeing Anton one to one, giving him that extra bit of attention that I haven’t been able to do in ages. He really enjoyed it too. Needless to say, both boys slept well that night. Hopefully I get the chance to take him out again soon.


Byebye (^.^)/


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