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Mothers Day Shopping



I was off work on Wednesday so I took Anton and Callum out so that they could choose their Mothers Day presents. I had gone to babysit Callum at 11AM so that my sister could go to the gym and the wee guy was in a great mood. He was babbling away to me and dancing then started asking ”Car?” and saying “Hat. Coat. Shoes!” while pointing at his head, chest and feet repeatedly. Hint much? We got ready and headed to the car a short time before we had to pick up Anton from school. He was so excited it wasn’t even normal. When it was just the two of us, he walked perfectly, holding my hand the whole time and picked himself a surprise present (which he then carried around with him, smiling.) We looked about town and he found something he really wanted to buy for his Mummy. That! That!” he shouted, pointing. This? Is this what you want to buy Mummy? He nodded. “Are you sure?” “Mhm.” We got it then he wanted to carry the bag. He actually refused to walk unless he was holding it =D


Once we were heading back to the car, I decided to carry him because it would be quicker and it was freezing. “Where go?” he asked. “We’re going back to the car so we can go get Anton from school.” He thought for a second before saying “No.” “What? Noway, do you not want to go in the car and get Anton from school and then we go to shops?” Again, he thought then nodded and said “mhm”. After that, he said “Car. OK! Shops!” the whole way back to the car. ”Go!” he exclaimed when I started the car. He’s such a cutie.


We picked up Anton, who was full of beans, and headed to Rushmere. We walked, holding hands, which I thought was great..until we got inside and they decided no holding hands, lets try and get in the lift while Natalie is getting money out of the ATM Machine. I had to run to stop them and told them to come back to me and stay with me. Luckily, they decided to play in an Iggle Piggle boat ride thing while I got out money. After one shop with them running off in different directions, I decided to get a trolley. I had told them that if they were both good they could have ice cream and thank goodness, that also helped me to get both boys to stay in the trolley. We went round almost all of the inside shops so that Anton could pick something. He finally picked something, and I can tell you what…since he went home and told his mummy that he was at the shops to pick a present for her and that I was going to keep it for him to give to her…and then told her what he had picked the next day ^.^’ He picked socks for her. However, he also picked something else but he didn’t tell her about that so I can’t say what it is.


It was a good day and Anton got his own suprise present before we went back to the car. However, both boys were now wrecked and argued over Anton’s toy the whole way home because Callum didn’t want his, he only wanted to play with Anton’s. We got back and my sister had just gone out to get something so I put dinner on for them and then spent a good five to ten minutes trying to get Anton to give one of his Power Rangers from his suprise present to Callum. In the end he did do it but he really didn’t want to. Callum wasn’t satisfied with just one though and was pinching Anton out of spite. At first he refused to say sorry but in the end he did. I had actually had to put Callum in the naughty corner before that too for hitting Anton repeatedly, really hard and making Anton cry and then refusing to stop and refusing to say sorry. He hated the naughty corner and crawled himself out so I put him back in then, when time was up, I said OK get up and he got up and came straight to me, ready to listen. I explained why he was in the naughty corner and he nodded along and gave me a kiss and cuddle then went over and said sorry and gave a kiss and cuddle to Anton. It was so cute to see them hug and kiss.


Oh yea, while I can’t show you what they picked for their mummy, I can show you what I treated myself to!




Yea…I really wanted those Sims expansion packs for a long time. The t-shirt was cute and only £7 in Topshop so I had to have it.


I’ll show you what the boys picked their mum on Mothers day


Byebye (^.^)/


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