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DIY Mothers Day Idea



Stuck for ideas on what to give for Mothers Day? You think flowers seem too normal? How about adding a personal touch?


After seeing what the children in nursery were making for their Mummys, I decided to make one for myself using the leftovers (that’s why I had to use those massive leaves). I think it’s a cute way to give flowers as a present as you can use their favourite flowers/colours  and you can even get children involved which is great for keeping them occupied. All you need are flowers, different types of leaves, a small tub, tape, scissors and a wet sponge. First, put the sponge into the tub and tape it together. Now all you need to do is cut flowers to make them short and arrange them along with the leaves however you like. How simple is that? It’s inexpensive too which is great for those who are waiting for pay day.


2014-03-28 14.20.58


If you like, you can even add a little note. Simply get a green ice lolly stick and stick on a laminated note, positioning it in the center/back of your flower arrangement. Who wouldn’t be happy receiving something that their child has made and possibly helped to pick the flowers of?




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