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Mothers Day



Happy Mothers Day to all the Mummy’s out there. Have you received anything nice?


On Friday night, I sat making cards for my sister. One from each of her boys so that they could say something to their mummy. This year I’ve decided to personalise their cards by drawing around their hands and using it on the front of their cards. I was suprised at how still the boys kept their hands while I drew around them. Here’s how the cards turned out:



I put glue on the wrong side of Antons hand =[
I put glue on the wrong side of Antons hand =[

Inside Callums card it reads:


To Mummy,

This is how big my hand was on our second Mothers Day. I’m almost 2 now. I even picked a present for you myself! I was a good boy and picked something together with Anton too.

Mummy, thank you for always looking after me and making my food…even though I chuck it or don’t eat it all. I know right now I have tantrums if I don’t get my way or if you don’t let me have crisps every time I ask but keep it up, ‘ll thank you for it when I’m older.

Thank you for tidying and cleaning all the time. You work hard for me and Anton. I’ll do my best to help you and pay you back for your efforts when I’m older.

I really love you Mummy. I know I fight with Anton and that I can be cheeky (I blame the ‘terrible two’s’) and that I can drive you nuts some days but you are always there when I need you. You comfort me when I’m sad or hurt and have taught me so much. I’m really glad that you’re my Mummy.

Love Callum x

Anton told me what he wanted to write. It’s nice hearing his thoughts. He’s grown up so much. He talked about thank you for making me dinner and then for dessert and for getting him Angry Bird socks (he wanted to write thank you for telling Callum off but no way was I including that!)

Left: Callum’s present Right Anton’s present Candle: picked together
2014-03-29 12.58.25
I used something different for each of the presents so that I knew what present was what.


We also got some face and foot mask packs and some strawberry bonbons to add in with the candle. I also decided to make a flower arrangement with Anton and Callum. Anton gave up after a couple of minutes though and Callum kept putting the flowers in then out and plucked the petals saying “for you”, sliding them over to me. I think he really just wanted to play with the sponge and water.


2014-03-29 14.53.53


I also went shopping for Chris to get his presents for his Mum. He gave me a list and off I went. Here’s what he’s given her:


Filled with a massive bar of Galaxy chocolate, a share bag of Malteasers and Fantasy by Britney Spears
Filled with a massive bar of Galaxy chocolate, a share bag of Malteasers and Fantasy by Britney Spears



2014-03-29 16.21.44



I had to pick the most expensive flowers in Tesco. I spent ages looking at their selection (which was massive btw) and didn’t know what to pick…until I spotted this one.  I just knew these were the right flowers. His sister also picked flowers from a florist so the house is full of flowers right now. It looks cute and girly ^.^


Enjoy the rest of your day


Byebye (^.^)/


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