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Callum Cruising



So, last week I was babysitting Callum so that Anton could go to football. Callum thought he was going somewhere too and said ”shoes” and ”coat” and ”hat”. His face when he learnt we weren’t going out…


SInce he already had shoes on and kept asking to go outside, I asked where he thought he was going. He looked at me, took a couple of steps and said ”c’mon”, taking me to the living room window and pointing to my car. I told him we weren’t going anywhere in the car today so he said “Outside. Ball!” Eventually, I gave in and we went out.


He was so excited, doing little hop/run out of the door and then ran about with me, laughing. Only when he saw horses in a field did he decide he wanted to go there instead. However, since I had no key to lock the front door, I had to say no. “A neigh! Go!” he said, pointing. How was I going to keep him occupied?


Luckily for me, I had an idea. I grabbed my car keys and let him play inside the car. It was great since it was warm inside the car and we could sit down. He climbed about the back of the car before deciding he wanted in the front. I sat in my seat and let him sit on my knee, letting him think he was driving (I’ll just point out that I didn’t actually move the car at all.) He loved it. He was making car noises and giggling away, opening the windows and closing them then dancing to music. He had such a great time, talking away and being a wee monkey. He tried on my sunglasses and my actually glasses, smiling for photos and saying hi to the camera. In fact, when he said he wanted to throw the ball, I suggested getting out of the car to play with it but he refused! He would not get out of the car even when he saw Mummy and Anton coming home. I asked if he wanted to see them and he said no. He was so content to play in the car.


2014-03-25 14.39.17
Look, I can drive. There’s a pedal down there.


I managed to get him out by asking if he wanted to see the horses. He was out in seconds ^.^


We walked to the horses, him holding my hand and talking the whole way. He did fall once because he tripped over his own foot and wasn’t sure whether to cry or not, telling me “sore.” I checked his knee and told him he was ok and he was brave for not crying which brightened him up. We stood looking at the horses for a few minutes with him calling them closer. He refuses to say horse though he knows the word. It has to be “a neigh” everything is ‘a’ at the minute too e.g. “A neigh. A clean” On the way back he said he wanted to go back to the horses tomorrow. “A me. A Nanat (his name for me). A Neigh. A ball” “You want me and you to go to the horses again to show them your ball?” “Yes!” and told me “Tomorrow.” I had to laugh. He’s so good at speaking in sentences now and can clearly say what he wants. He understands so much. He had carried his ball the whole time we were outside. I told him it was yellow and he even copied. I asked if he could see anything else yellow. He looked around and smiled saying “Ball!” I laughed and said yea but anything else? Again, he looked around, thinking. “That!” he exclaimed, pointing at a dandelion. I praised him and he began “That, and that, and that. Where’d they go?” as we passed the dandelions. Ah he’s such a cutie. As soon as he saw the house he said no. He knew we were going inside. He said outside, pointing as if to say no say out here, hoping I would give in. It was getting cold though and I needed to get to school.


Funny thing is, I went to my sisters the next day and what had he been saying all morning? He was telling his mummy that he and I were going to the horses with the ball. He’s really a wee cutie.


I’ll post again soon.


Byebye (^.^)/


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