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Spring Cleaning



Spring is here and the days are getting longer. The clocks have gone forward again already…


Last week, my sister took me up on my offer to clean with her for the day. She picked me up by half 10, both boys in the car because poor wee Anton wasn’t well. We got back to hers and set to work.


We scrubbed the tiled walls in the kitchen , all of the kitchen appliances, doors, skirting boards, radiators… Downstairs sparkled. Callum decided to help out since my sister usually gets them to help with chores. He asked for a sponge and water. Well, didn’t I make the mistake of giving him his own water. He had the floor soaked. And himself. He splashed in it and played saying “a clean” all pleased with himself. Of course he got told off. I have to say though, he helped me a good bit. He sat beside me and scrubbed the wall (where he had drawn with crayon) and then the door while Anton got some rest. At one point Anton wanted to help but after doing a tiny bit with me he lay back down. I felt bad for him not being well. It’s never nice to see a child ill. As he watched us clean, he said “Natalie, are you going to clean upstairs?” I said yea and he asked “Will you clean my room please?” He may be ill but he’s smart enough to ask for his room to be cleaned so he wouldn’t have to do it.


However, by the time we got upstairs we had given up on cleaning and just tidied. Next time we will have to work on cleaning upstairs. We did do a little clear out of her wardrobe though. I got 3 cardigans from it. It’s so handy having a sister. The cardigans look nice and they’re plain so I can wear them with most things. I had been thinking about how I wanted cardigans lately actually so I’m pretty happy.


I’ll post again soon.


Byebye (^.^)/

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