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As you all know, I’ll be going to a wedding in July. Well, only days before is Chris’ graduation so I needed a cute dress for both. Luckily, I happened to find a cheap dress in work one morning. However, when I went to pick it up, I saw another woman had it in her hand! I followed her up to the fitting room (I was actually trying on other things btw, I’m not a stalker) and told the girl at the fitting rooms to keep it for me if the girl didn’t take it. Well, wasn’t I lucky. I came out to see it on the rail and immediately went to try it on and bought it! The next day I also got a bag from work to go with the dress. Now the only problem was shoes. Nowhere in the shopping centre had shoes to match the bag. Just as I was giving up, I remembered a shop that had recently opened in town. I went in and there they were. How lucky was that?! 


2014-04-18 11.04.42


A couple of weeks later, after being told to wear something bright to the graduation because ‘black is for funerals’, and needing time to myself, I went out again to look around. I think I tried on about 5 dresses, looking for something nice. First of all, I tried on a yellow dress in River Island that was on sale from £65 down to £30. Lovely as it was, that peep hole at the chest was a bit too revealing for my liking. I mean, if someone taller was near me (and trust me, that would be likely) they would have had a full view. Nothing else had really stood out to me in the shops so I headed for Debenhams. I find it pricey in there but it was the last place to look. As soon as I walked in I saw 4 dresses, all on the one four-way, and had to try them on.


2014-04-15 18.15.00 2014-04-15 18.28.53 2014-04-15 18.34.56 2014-04-15 18.37.26


I didn’t take a photo of one because it just wasn’t that nice on. It was too old looking for me. I was too lazy to take my jeans off but after trying on the first dress in Debenhams, I had a winner. None of the others compared to it. Of course I’m talking about the orange one with lace. Now I’m starting to lean towards it for the wedding instead of the outfit I’ve already bought…. Ah btw, those marks on my arm are from carrying a bag that was digging into me.


Byebye (^.^)/


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