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Only Sixteen

I was flicking through the Daily Prompts the other day and this one caught my eye so I’ll give it a go. It said to tell what you were like at sixteen and, if you weren’t sixteen yet, to talk about how you would like to be at sixteen.


Me at sixteen hmm, I was pretty much the height I am now, had hair almost as long as it is now and had a 26inch waist, which I do not have now (food is better.) I was at school, giggling away with my friends during break, lunch and sometimes during class and listening to the likes of Good Charlotte (The River was my favourite song), Marilyn Manson, Korn, Aiden…you get the idea. I was a prefect with a nose stud and that caused problems. Being my smart teenage self, I kept a box full of nose studs in my pocket in case I had one take off me. I knew which teachers I could get away with having it in and which ones I’d better hide it. I argued back with one of my teachers about it . Not one of my finer moments. I mean, I was generally a good student and loved Maths, Computers and English, working hard in each class but every now and then when someone annoyed me enough I’d open my mouth and surprise everyone. Even my form teacher said that I ”had my moments”. All that being said, I did get away with an awful lot at school e.g. having my phone. My friends had theirs and (along with other members of the class) would get them taken off them whereas I never got told off for it. Maybe I was just lucky enough not to get caught?


At home I usually got up and headed straight to the computer before anyone else had a chance. I’d sit on Bebo and MSN all day and play games like The Sims and watch movies. I’d make food every now and then id I had to but if I couldn’t get the computer, I’d sit in my room with my earphones in or my CD player on and play on the PS2 – racing games of course. I’d leave my room until it was so messy that it had to be cleaned and go through all of my clothes to find something nice to wear and trust me, I had a pretty massive wardrobe at the time. I’d argue with my sisters (and sometimes fight) and jump out of my bedroom window when my older sister (who I’m close with now) was trying to fight with me. Hmm, this is making me sound bad. I swear I wasn’t that bad. I was usually good, I just had a bit of a temper at times. At sixteen, I hadn’t gotten into anime or manga yet.


Thinking about it now, sixteen was probably my most popular age. I had a lot of friends that I would see every day and I’d go to CE (albeit only for a few weeks) and even had 4 of my guy friends ask me out, one of which would not take no for an answer dear love him and asked 5 times. Didn’t date any of them btw, I’m pretty picky. Easter of that year, I decided to get my first pair of designer glasses (I still have the same design today!) and cut my hair up to my shoulders…and that was when it was straightened. I got a new phone around the same time and then started dating Chris a few weeks later. I got my GCSE’s and chose which subjects I wanted to get my A Levels in shortly after. Oh and before starting my A levels I decided to go and get my hair dyed with blue and pink as well as getting the top of my ear pierced.


Overall, I think it was a year for a lot of changes. Six years on my hair is back to how it was before (well apart from the current dip dye) and I use the same make up that I used then. I’ve an extra piercing than I did back then, a driving license, a job and have almost finished my childcare course but I mean, that’s pretty normal for six years on. I’m still with Chris (the six year anniversary has just past which also made me think of doing this post). I don’t think I would say anything to the sixteen year old me if I had the chance to. I’m fine with who I was back then. I didn’t smoke, drink or go out with every guy I met and still enjoyed being a teenager so I’d just let me be.


What were you like at sixteen?


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