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I’ve had a few posts in my mind since last week and just kept forgetting to write them up. How’s your weekend been? Today I’m off work so I went to church this morning and then sat down to finish up the work for my new course. Since I’ve basically finished my Level 3 in Childcare, I decided to take up a Level 3 Understanding Individuals with ASC. It’s interesting but I found it difficult to concentrate the whole class because of how much information the teacher was jamming in and flying through it all. Hopefully I get used to the difference in teaching style (and having a word count) soon. It’s definitely a worthwhile course. If any more similar courses come up, I might take those too. I want to get as many qualifications to work with children with specific needs as possible.


Apart from being in class and having nursery start again, I’ve been working away as usual. We have so many lovely outfits coming in the deliveries but I haven’t been able to use my card in over a week so I’ve just had to admire them as they get sold. That’s not such a bad thing though because I should be saving for going to England! On my way home from work yesterday I was thinking to myself “Wouldn’t it be funny if I put a fake spider in the sun visor so that when Chris pulls it down it falls out on his lap?” Of course his reaction would be funny but it would be dangerous so I wouldn’t actually do it. Well, what happened to me only minutes later? There I was casually waiting at a red light with my sun visor down and out of the corner of my eye what did I see? A real spider strolling down the visor, getting closer to me. I swear the people in the car behind me (as well as anyone walking past) thought I was having some kind of attack. I stared freaking out as soon as I saw the spider, screaming and jumping about in my seat. Thank goodness I had enough brains to realise that I needed to put my handbrake on and take the car out of gear before I could get any further away from the spider. I was honestly thinking of jumping out the car and abandoning it and really really hoping the light wouldn’t turn green while the beast was still in my company. I grabbed my bottle of water and tried to squash the spider but it fell onto my seat! By now I was almost in the passenger seat just to get away from it and still bashing it with my bottle. I killed it just in time for the light changing colour but I drove the rest of the way home sitting as far away on my seat as I could. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten out of the car so fast as I did when I got to my house. Needless to say, I won’t be planning on ways to scare Chris again.


Just thinking about it now makes me shudder. I really don’t like creepy crawlies. Flies, insects, anything like that makes me freak out. Anyway, I’ll schedule some more posts before I forget what I wanted to write about.


Byebye (^.^)/




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