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Lucky Find

Good morning!


Today the school is off because it’s a bank holiday so I got a little lie in. I’ll be working in the afternoon which isn’t too bad. I love getting to talk to my regular customers and seeing what they’ve found each time.


Do you remember the dress I bought for Chris’ graduation and how I said I was considering just wearing flip flops with it?  Well, I just so happened to be in work to talk to the boss one day a couple of weeks ago and as I was walking past the shoe section, something caught my eye. I went over and saw a pair of Miss Sixty shoes in a coral colour in my size for only £24.99. I tried them on and knew I just had to buy them. They were the only pair we had so I was pretty lucky to spot them. They go well with my dress and make me pretty tall. Whether or not I’ll be able to walk in them is another story but I can try! Since being able to drink tea and eat bread again I’ve been enjoying them as much as possible but I’ve noticed that I’ve put on a good bit of weight as a result so I might be needing to go off them again soon so that I can look good in the dress. Even my legs have put weight on. However, just by wearing these shoes, my legs look skinnier so I won’t really need to worry too much if my legs don’t lose any weight.


2014-04-19 14.44.20 2014-04-15 18.28.53 2014-04-24 02.21.54



I’ll be posting again soon!



Byebye (^.^)/


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