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A New Look



I haven’t done an outfit of the day post in a while so here we go!


I bought the dress in TKMaxx for £14.99 a while ago but I’ve never really found a good time to wear it, until Sunday when I went to church. I paired it with the cardigan I got in Germany, a thin black belt to break the pattern up a bit, leggings and distressed black military boots with a heel (something else I’ve never really worn). What do you think?


2014-05-04 10.30.54


2014-05-04 10.31.31



The shoes squeak if I do them up so I had to end up just tucking the laces in/tie them really loosely to try and stop them squeaking. It’s embarrassing to hear them squeak when I walk. It feel like everyone is looking because of the noise they make. At least I’ve found a solution!


I decided to give my skin a bit of breathing time on Sunday since I’ve been wearing make up a lot lately. I don’t want to be getting spots. Ah, I’ve started to use a new mascara and eyeliner so I might do a review on those soon.


Anyway, it’s time to work!


Bybye (^.^)/


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