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Transforming Monkeys



I found these photo’s on my phone so I though I’d share them. Anton and Callum are getting so big. Callum now fits in everything that Anton wore what seems like no too long ago. It’s strange to see him wearing them. In my mind, they’re still Antons clothes. Anton on the other hand is growing out of everything yet again. I swear he will be as tall as me soon. Anyway, I was spending time at my sisters house and while she went to shower, we played in the boys room. Anton decided he wanted to be Optimus Prime so I helped him put on his costume. Callum saw and just had to dress up too. He went into the box, pulled out a Spider-man mask and came over to me to get help putting it on. He wanted to put on a full costume too and decided on a pirate. Not long after though he decided he wanted to change into something else. They played and jumped about while I looked for something that might fit Callum. I found the monkey costume that Anton used to wear and showed it to Callum. He started to make monkey noises straight away, excited and pointing to himself. Once it was on he was happy as anything. They decided to play what Anton called “Skylanders”. Basically you jump about and ‘kill’ the bad guys and by bad guys I mean whoever he picks to be the bad guy or else invisible bad guys. He’s got such an imagination.



"I am Optimus Prime!"
“I am Optimus Prime!”




"Hear no evil, see no evil..."
“Hear no evil, see no evil…”



"I got the bad guy!"
“I got the bad guy!”



These two are always full of beans. You never know what they will be up to next but that’s what makes it so fun.



Byebye (^.^)/


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