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Where Have You Been?



Sorry for the lack of posts even though I said I had so much to write about. I’ve gotten myself addicted to playing Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns again. I was so determined to unlock and complete all of the flower events so that my character could marry the girl he chose while trying to complete the goal of getting the two towns to be friends (which means I need to enter every contest that both towns participate in and try to win…every time as well as completing requests and earning money etc) Last night I completed the last of the flower events and I’ve almost got then 10 hearts filled for the towns ‘progress’ so I’ve started looking at which Harvest Moon to buy next. I’m still trying to decide so if you play any of the Harvest Moon games on the 3DS let me know what you would recommend.


I’ve also really gotten into the Sims3 again since I bought the Island Paradise expansion pack. I’m determined to discover all of the hidden islands. Only problem is, the game freezes and turns itself off every now and then and an error message sometimes appears when I try to save the game which really sucks. Since I also have the supernatural expansion pack I can have fairies, mermaids etc which is pretty cool…unless you are a mermaid and want to travel to an island because they won’t take a boat, they have to swim there and that can take all day.


Between playing games, I’ve been doing the usual – work, placement and class. On the plus side, I’ve completed my Level 3 in childcare now so I only have to go to class one night a week for a few more weeks so that my Level 3 class in Understanding Individuals with Autistic Spectrum Condition is complete. I’ve got a ton of work to do for that but I’ve been so distracted with my games that I’ve left it until the last minute >.< I’ll get a start on it after I finish this post…maybe. I’ve cut down a lot of the anime I’ve been watching because I got bored with them e.g. Love Live 2, Soredemo  Sekai Wa Utsukushii and Isshuukan Friends so at least that’s not eating up a lot of time. Reading manga is still in full force but I don’t plan on giving that up any time soon =]


Well, that’s it really, that’s where I’ve been. I’ll do a proper post soon. I really will this time.



Byebye (^.^)/




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