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Good News

Good morning everyone!


I’ve been keeping this to myself for a couple of weeks. By to myself I mean not writing it on here until I knew it was definite. Of course I couldn’t keep it to myself, I’ve told some friends already. No I’m not pregnant or anything like that. My good news is that I got a job working in a school!


A couple of weeks ago my Level 3 childcare teacher called me to ask if I would be interested in a job in a primary school, working with a child. Of course I said yes. It’s for 15 hours a week to support the child one to one. The principal called me soon after asking to arrange a meeting for a ‘casual chat’. I was so nervous for the next week, thinking that I would mess it up. Do you remember how last year I had an interview to work as a cleaner in a school and totally messed up the interview? Well, it’s that school. See why I was nervous? What if the principal recognised me and remembered that interview? Well, the day came and I went in. I couldn’t believe it. It really was just a casual chat and he asked me if I could go in that Friday to cover a classroom assistant in the schools nursery section and then we could take it from there. That Friday I went in as a substitute classroom assistant (paid work) and the kids took to me. I enjoyed it and it all seemed so natural to me since I’ve been doing my placement in a nursery school. What made it better was that my friend who also works in that school for her placement was covering the other nursery class so we got to spend time together. It’s good to go into a place and know someone. One thing that was a bit embarrassing though was that a guy I work with has a child in the nursery and just so happened to be the one to bring him into class. He looked up and saw me with kids all around me, playing with my hair and shouted “Look! There’s Daddy’s friend from work!” and proceeded to shout my name and wave across the classroom. His child is so shy. Poor kid didn’t know what to think. He did come and play with me though which was cute. I actually saw him in work the other day and the kid remembered me and stood looking at me then smiled when he realised. I hope I get to see him again during my work there.


Anyway, just days later I was in my placement class and had a call…which I missed, from the school. I called back but the principal was in a call. I didn’t give up and the next day I got through and was offered to start at the end of the month. I’m so happy that I was able to get a job working in a school through word of mouth and a casual chat. I feel a bit sad though that I will be leaving the class and school that I have done my placement in all year, only weeks before the end of the school year, at the end of this week. I actually have this week off work so I might go in a couple of extra days to be in my class just a little longer. I’ve gotten attached to all of the children. They were my first pupils. Well, I can always go back and visit!


Oh, just in case you’re wondering, I will be keeping my job with TKMaxx as well. Two part time jobs and a part time course? Sounds hectic but it will be worth it when I get paid. I’m sure I’ll still find time to play my games and read my manga and of course, spend time with Anton and Callum. Since I’ve got to dress professionally, I decided to treat myself to some new clothes. I’ll probably do some outfit of the day posts with them when I start my job next week.



That’s it for now


Byebye (^.^)/




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