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ByeBye Nursery, Hello P1



Last week I went in to nursery to do my final day there before starting my job in a primary school. It was a great day so we went out to play all morning =] not bad for my last day right? Less cleaning up to do. However, after the first hour I ended up sunburnt! I knew I felt hot but I didn’t actually notice the sunburn until I got home. Since it was my last day I decided to get a present for the teacher and classroom assistant I had spent the year with and also wrote a thank you card to the class. I enjoyed the day but as it got closer to home time for the kids, I started to feel sad. I was hoping it would last longer. I was called out to where all of the children were sitting and the teacher got one little girl to walk up and give me a present. It was so cute. Before leaving, the teacher told everyone that since I was leaving and wouldn’t be back because I was going to another school they had to give me a big hug and say goodbye. I had to stop myself from crying when the child I had spent the most time with came up and hugged me…and wouldn’t let go to go home. We had gotten pretty close over the year because of how I worked with him one to one for a while. I don’t think the kids really understood that I wouldn’t be back though because some of them were just saying bye casually and walking on out. I really loved working in the nursery. I’ll have to go back and visit when I get a spare minute.



2014-05-28 14.46.46


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