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Ed’s Bar and Grill



In  my last post I mentioned that Chris and I went for a meal before heading to the cinema. Today I want to tell you a bit about that. Chris’ friend had told him about how Ed’s Bar and Grill were doing a deal where you got a free started and dessert if you were ordering a main course at £14 so he wanted to go there to try it out. Inside was nicely decorated and seemed quiet. What I found a bit strange though was that out of all the free seats, the waitress decided to seat us right beside a pillar that had a bucket beside it to catch water from a leak in the roof. Would you not try to seat people away from it? We were given two or three menus, one for drinks, one for main courses and then one for the deal which showed what free starters and desserts were available. After looking I realised that everything was pretty expensive. £10 for a salad? Really? We decided to go for the deal because it would end up being cheaper overall. He ordered cheesey garlic bread while I ordered BBQ wings for our starter. I thought it must have been all freshly done and maybe the upstairs was busy because we must have waited about 20 minutes for the starter. When it came it was only something tiny too. I got to taste Chris’ starter and we both agreed that it tasted just like the garlic bread you get in Tesco, nothing special. My BBQ ribs were seriously only drizzled lightly with the BBQ sauce. They were more…unflavoured chicken wings that I’m pretty sure also came from Tesco. At least they were warm.


For our main courses, Chris ordered the Empire State burger while I had the Mediterranean chicken. Again, we waited about half an hour for our main course to arrive. By now, we were panicking a little about the time because it was around 20 past 8 and the movie started at 9 and we still had our dessert to go. At first, my meal was OK. Nothing special but not too bad…until I was cutting the chicken and then tried to eat some of it. The top part was fine, soft and all that. The bottom half of my chicken though/ It was hard and dry. It was supposed to have Mediterranean chip chunks too but they were just normal chip chunks. By chunks I mean little squares btw. They were nice. One top of my chicken was a lot of salad which looked and tasted like it was just tossed out of a packet and onto the plate. Did I say anything to the waitress when she asked if everything was OK? No because there was no point in waiting for ages all over again and then missing the movie which I knew we would have. Instead, I just gave up eating. I was full anyway because I wasn’t well and my appetite goes down a lot when I’m sick. Chris kept asking if I wanted to try his chicken which made me wonder if he wasn’t fussed on it either and wanted rid of it but I didn’t try it to find out. We ended up getting a cheesecake to go for our desserts so that we wouldn’t miss the movie (and we were full anyway). I think it was the only thing that came quickly to be honest. I tried it the next day at home and guess what? It also tasted like something that came in a packet at Tesco. Nothing tasted like it was actually freshly made, I’m almost convinced that they were just taking pre-made food from Tesco and trying to arrange it to look like they had made it. Overall, I didn’t enjoy it and I can say that I won’t be going back. We had to wait for ages even though the place wasn’t really busy (you could also tell it was quiet by how the staff were chilling and having a chat at the bar – not drinking of course) and the food wasn’t great.


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