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Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle



I’m loving my job in the school. The child is quite taken with me which is great.


One day after work, I went to babysit so my sister could go shopping in Belfast. Callum was happy to see me as always. We sat and sang together for a while and danced before collecting Anton. Callum decided that he was a big boy and wouldn’t let me put him in his car seat. He had to climb in all my himself…and climb back out when we got to Anton’s school. He’s a wee monkey these days. As soon as he got out he ran over the car park! I kept telling him to stop and to come back while walking quickly after him (darn heels, can’t run in those). He got to the kerb and said “I win! Hand?” while holding out his hand as if to say it was all fine. What a rascal. I told him not to do it again and he seemed to understand and agree. Anton came running out to me to give me a hug before we set off for the car park again. However, BOTH of them ran this time. I knew it wasn’t going to stop and I had no hope of catching them, well maybe Callum because he’s smaller and slower, so I said they could run to a certain point then stop then run again a wee bit after I had caught up to them and this continued until Anton said OK now let’s hold hands and took Callums hand and mine. As soon as they saw the car park, Callum was off again. Anton grabbed him this time before he could get far. He’s a good kid. He told Callum off saying it was dangerous and he shouldn’t do that and told him to hold hands.


We chatted away while I got them both in the car and strapped in and set off. I decided to take them to the shopping centre quickly to pick up my order from Debenhams and told them that they could have ice cream if they were good. Callum must have just decided that it was fun to run that day because as soon as he was out of the car he was trying to run off. Luckily, I had already planned to get a trolley. My friend from work (the shop this time, not the school) was standing at the trolley shelter and the boys recognised him so they went to say hi while I got the trolley unlocked from the others. It was a great distraction for them while I got them in the trolley. No complaints about getting in it this time! Anton asked me for 2 ice creams. Good try but no =D


After getting their ice creams, we went into a shop to get them a toy each which they got to pick. I already knew though that when we got back they would probably fight over the toys. Next we headed to my work because I had seen something cool in there for them a few days before. Superhero tops complete with capes. Both boys let me try them on. I was suprised at how good both boys were being while we were out. It’s not usually a good idea to take Anton to the shopping centre but I needed to collect my order (perfume). Callum was wrecked by the time we were heading home but it was too late for him to sleep so Anton kept him awake for me. “Callum you need to stay awake or you won’t sleep tonight.” and stuff was repeated the whole way home along with touching his arm to keep him awake. Isn’t he a good helper?



Callum loves his ''Maman!'' t-shirt
Callum loves his ”Maman!” t-shirt
Antons. No other top would do. It had to be this so thank goodness it fitted!
Antons. No other top would do. It had to be this so thank goodness it fitted!



The boys played for a bit with the toys and yes Callum fought to play with Antons bey-blades but Anton did share after I explained to him. However, when Callum couldn’t have the blue one he cried his eyes out and came to put his head into my lap as if it was the worst in the world then came to cuddle because he was so tired. We decided to put on the TV and they took turns to choose something to watch. It was so peaceful. I actually couldn’t get over how good they were being. Callum brightened up again and they ran about. I started dinner – Anton’s choice of dinner which was Tom and Jerry spaghetti, chips and cocktail sausages. Easy to make but messy. Just before dinner was ready I called the boys into the kitchen and told them to get their tops off because we didn’t want them to get ruined. Callum said no but I started to dance and said “right when your top is off start to dance” and they both started trying to get their tops off quickly (I helped Callum obviously although he is getting able to do it himself now) and we ended up doing the Mr. Bean dance. “Wiggle your bum!” I said and we all started wiggling and laughing while the boys said “Wiggle wiggle” and “Bum bum bum!” They got into their seats and ate away. Callum had tried to have an ice pop while I was making dinner and wasn’t taking no for an answer so I said it could be dessert if he ate all his food. Anton ate all of his but I had to bribe Callum. “If you eat all of your dinner then you can play outside in your welly boots.” He had been wanting to wear them all afternoon but we were out already so…


I had to laugh. Callum has started trying to trick me into thinking all of his food is in his tummy by taking everything off his plate then showing me the plate saying ‘finished!’ even though the food is sitting on the table. Good try but no Callum. Eat your food. He didn’t finish but he ate more than I thought he would so both boys got an ice pop and flew around the house to get their tops, a hoody and their welly boots and ran out the back to the swings/slide. We played outside for a good while before bedtime for Callum. He cried a bit because he didn’t want to go to bed (and because the Looney Tunes DVD wasn’t working that he wanted to watch) but he was asleep so quickly. Anton and I spent the next hour just relaxing together in front of the TV with Lego Batman on the Wii. Have you ever played that? I bought it for him a while ago but it’s good enough. He went to bed easily for me. I was expecting more resistance from him to be honest because he was playing the game but he must have just been tired. I think he tries to be on his best behaviour for me sometimes. Love him to bits. They’re wee cuties and my wee friends. Before bed Anton asked if I would ‘come back the tomorrow’. He likes to play games on the Wii with me. Think I’ve found myself a game buddy.


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