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Today is an OOTD post. First one in a while. I saw this dress while I was putting out the delivery in TKMaxx one morning. It’s safe to say it didn’t even make it onto a rail in the store. I literally opened the lift and thought “Mine!” and had to get it. The only thing is…the zip gets a bit stuck part way up and no it’s not because of my size. It is just the zip on it. Once it’s up though its fine.


I had worn a dress the previous day without tights but I soon learned that’s not a good idea when one young child tried to look up it! Mortified or what?! I’ll be wearing tights with my dresses from now on. I actually told my boss in TKMaxx about that incident when he saw me in my dress later that day (I’d gone to see if this dress was available in the same size but with a better zip but it wasn’t) and said “Natalie has legs!” as if he was so shocked and now he says “nice legs” every now and then to me.  Anyway, I’ve paired the dress with a smart/casual top from a shop in Germany and heeled military boots from eBay which I’ve never really had a chance to wear until now. They’re actually pretty comfy and not too hard to drive in. The only thing with them is that the hooks on the part that’s folded down get caught on each other every now and then so you have to be careful when walking so that you don’t fall on your face.


2014-06-01 10.01.51 2014-06-02 08.54.09


I’ll have to remember to take photo’s more often of my outfits for these types of posts.



Byebye (^.^)/


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