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Summer Hair Ideas




Since my hair is long, I’ve been looking at cute ways to keep it out of the way on hot days. I took a flick through CGH videos on Youtube for easy to follow styles that don’t take long. They have a lot of good ideas. One that I’ve been doing a lot since watching how easy it is to do is a loose twist at the front of my hair to keep it back. I had to do it while my hair was curly to take a photo because my hair looks less curly when it’s wet so the twist shows up more.


2014-04-25 17.21.34


What you do is sweep your ‘bangs’ over to one side at the front. It doesn’t have to be really thick, so don’t be sweeping half of the front of your hair over. Next, take a small section at the start and half if. Twist the front over the back to make your first bit of the twist. Now pick up a bit of hair to add to the piece you just twisted over and repeat. Only add hair to the back section. It doesn’t sound simple from my explanation does it? It really is simple though, I promise. It only takes about a minute too. Here’s a video to make it more simple.




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