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Jump or Slide?



I’ve recently found out that I won’t be working in the school I’m currently in after this term is up at the end of the week. It was a short stay but it was fun. Due to that, I’ve been looking around and applying to anything that I find. Hopefully something comes up soon. If possible, I’d love to work with children who have severe learning difficulties so I’ll keep looking in that direction.


Over the past couple of weeks our weather has been great so I’ve managed to get quite the tan. Shame my legs are still white but my feet are tanned. I went to play with my nephews for a bit on Sunday and we decided to go to Nutts Corner. Now, I’ve never driven there myself and my sister didn’t really know the way either so we were expecting to get lost. Luckily, it was pretty easy. I’d looked it up on good old Google Maps beforehand so I had a good idea. Nutts Corner is a market held on Sundays and there used to be so many different stalls. Now, the donut van is gone (it had amazing donuts) and has been replaced by a couple of Dinky Donuts vans. Sure, they’re nice but they just aren’t the same as those amazing ones we ate there years ago. A lot of the stalls also sell the same things now so we ended up going round it pretty quickly. I ended up buying these converse for myself for £15 and got Dinky Donuts and sweets for the kids and sister.


2014-06-22 17.28.43



After getting back to my sisters house, the boys wanted to play outside. I ended up pushing them both on the swings for a bit and we all played on the see-saw – that was one big work out for my legs. We played at the slide with footballs for a while then they decided to slide down it. Well, Callum slid down it and Anton slid/jumped. However, at one point, Anton was half way down it (sliding) and decided to jump off sideways and landed straight on his arm. He got up straight away but was crying so much because he got hurt which is normal, right? Well, he kept crying for ages saying it was sore  so my sister put an arm… thing (I don’t know what it’s called) on it to help him and I did a ”super cool magic spell” to make it better. We weren’t sure if he was over-reacting because he was tired because he had said he wanted carried and that he couldn’t walk because his arm was sore and stuff. However, we noticed his arm was a bit swollen when I was leaving so she took him over to the hospital. A couple of hours later I received a picture of the two boys. Antons arm was in a cast! He has a small fracture so it’ll be in the cast for a couple of weeks and then a blue one will get put on. Luckily, the doctor said it will heal quickly. Since it’s on his right arm and the cast isn’t allowed to get wet at all, my sister has decided to keep him off nursery because there’s a lot of water play and running and colouring and stuff which he isn’t allowed to do now and she doesn’t want him to have to sit there while kids play. At least this is the last week of school before summer so he won’t miss much. She took him to the school on Monday to show everyone in his class and let the teachers know. The kids thought the cast was cool so Anton didn’t mind it as much after that (he hated it and said he wants it off before that). He got to go into nursery today to see Jo Jingles and then came back home and they’re having a party in class tomorrow so my sister wants to send him in for that and then take him home because he won’t be playing or anything and it would suck if he had to miss out the fun bits.



Although Anton doesn’t mind his cast as much now, he still isn’t happy about it. I went over to babysit both boys today for a while and saw how Anton was frustrated because he can’t go out to play and do things that might hurt his arm again so I did something for him. I had asked my sister if it was OK to draw on his cast the day before and she said it was but only to do something small because she wants it to look at clean and tidy as possible. We had just watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles before he said he wanted me to draw on his cast. Well, didn’t I just happen to have the right colours to draw them. Lucky me.  I didn’t even think about drawing them when I picked up some colours this morning. Both him and Callum sat watching carefully as I drew their faces (my version). I was actually only going to draw one face and then write my name but Anton wanted all of them on his cast. I was a bit worried in case my sister got angry at how much was on the cast so I only drew them small. When I was finished, Anton wanted me to then draw all the bad guys! I had to talk my way out of that. He would have asked me to draw all sorts of things if I had given in to that and then the cast would be covered >.< I wrote my name beside it and asked if he liked it. He was smiling away happy as anything. It actually is the coolest cast I’ve ever seen if I do say so myself. Luckily my sister thought the same when she saw it. I bet he can’t wait to show his friends.


2014-06-24 13.06.34




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