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A Long Weekend



I got back from England a few days ago but I’ve been too tired to post. I didn’t take many pictures so I’ll just give you an overview of what I did during the trip. After the initial panic about travelling and being on a plane I enjoyed my time there. My friend and her husband picked us up at the airport which was nice. One thing I’ve realised though is that it is terrifying being in a car with a learner driver in England. Unlike here in Northern Ireland, there is no speed limit for learners and they can drive on massive roads. Very scary when it’s busy.


We traveled over with my friend so at least we had someone we knew who was going to be there are long as us. For our hotel, we stayed at Holiday Inn. It was nice enough and the staff seemed friendly and there was a free breakfast each morning. Also, the city centre was only about a 10 minute walk away so it was pretty handy if you wanted to go shopping. Our paleo diet went on a short break while we were there. I actually had 2 breakfasts each morning ^.^’ The hotel was surrounded by restaurants too which was good because we didn’t have to walk too far to find somewhere. On the first day we decided on a place called The Harvester. Oh there’s something else I noticed about England. The people did not understand a word I said because of my accent. I didn’t think I had a strong accent but it was clearly strong enough judging by the face of the woman in the restaurant. I asked for a table and she just looked and said ‘What?’ so I said it again. “Oh you have a table booked?” “No, I want to know if there is one free.” She was kind enough to offer us a choice of two tables which we doesn’t happen over here and she did keep checking on us. However, I think it was so that she could hear Chris speaking because when we were ordering, as soon as he spoke she said “Your accent is amazing. I love it” and directed any other questions towards him. Chris sat smiling like a Cheshire cat the whole time we were there. I swear if it had kept up he could have gotten a free meal out of it. We ended up getting a meal deal for £10 each which was good. Chris and I shared Nachos then got a burger with chips. The main part of the meal was OK, not bad but not good. The dessert however? Yum. We could get an ice cream with a choice of sauces so I chose strawberry while Chris chose lemon. We were feeling full before the ice cream but I made sure to eat it all. It was so good.


Since we were all tired from travelling, we decided to just relax in our room. My friend brought Uno with her so we played that. Its shocking how competitive Chris and I get playing games. I won a few times and Chris won once. Poor Rachel was close to winning a few times but since she forgot to say ‘Uno’ we made her pick up a card and she ended up losing each time. I’ll admit that once it was because she was sitting beside me and I could see her cards so I played cards I knew she didn’t have.  We also tried out the TV channels and had a good laugh at how old the games shows were. By 11PM I was almost asleep so my friend went back down to her room. We needed a good sleep to make sure we had enough energy for the wedding day! I had things I wanted to do during the trip so I’d planned early nights and early starts but it didn’t happen. Even though I got up early, Chris wasn’t getting up to go anywhere at that time of the morning. In the end, I didn’t get to go on the Ghost Walk that I’d really wanted to do because nobody else would do it with me and we didn’t go to the tea shop because by the time we were shopping on Monday in the city centre we only had a couple of hours before heading to the airport (due to me spending about 2 hours in the Primark in the city centre. I swear Primark just makes the time fly by) and it would have taken a while to walk to. Eating before getting on a plane isn’t the best idea for me anyway.


Overall, it was a good trip but I wish I’d spent more time there to go to the castle and stuff. I wish I had taken more photos too. I don’t want to fly anytime soon though. I wasn’t as bad on the way back because I knew what to expect but seeing the propeller right outside my window wasn’t very comforting. Chris didn’t make fun of me like when we went to Germany last year. This time he held my hand while we took off (on the way home) because he knew I was scared. He bought me pringles on the plane too. How nice.  Maybe he was nicer this time because he had a fright when we were still on the bus to the airport half an hour after getting on even though the airport was only about 10 minutes drive from the hotel in a car. Both him and Rachel were rushing thinking there would be a queue for check in and security and were pretty convinced we would miss the flight. We had less than an hour until the plane was leaving when we arrived. Luckily for us, there was no queue at all for check in and we breezed through security (which is a first for me because I always set the alarm off when I walk through it and end up getting searched). Either way, I’m just glad to be back at home in my own bed, even if it means giving up bread, tea and all the yummy food I had eaten over the weekend.



I’ll be hosting a giveaway soon so keep an eye out!


Byebye (^.^)/






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